DAFT speaks out in online forums

As election times draws nearer we need to raise the awareness of people about NZ politics the political system and DAFT especially. We have had volunteers endlessly commenting on blog sites, message forums, and other types of new media, in a effort to get our message across. Here is one of the more memorable ones:

As well as the perennial Kiwiblog where we get most of our hits from:

To random blogs that Jackson comments on when he gets bored and sits down and googles the terms: “DAFT”, “politics”, and  “New Zealand”:

Anyways the point of the exercise is that you should comment on blog sites, news sites and mention DAFT as often as possible to everyone till they get so annoyed they threaten you with physical violence.


One Response to “DAFT speaks out in online forums”

  1. Will de Cleene Says:

    Get Drunk. Vote DAFT.

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