DAFT Budget

We’re trying to get club affiliation at Victoria. For the purposes of this, we have to provide a budget forecast. Something which I never really thought about… anyways here it is so far…

If you can think of any other possible costs it would be helpful, or if you want to be the Treasurer… I’m not too good with numbers, so drop me an email. Yeah… soo ummm yeah…


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2 Responses to “DAFT Budget”

  1. Colin Smith Says:

    Hello Jackson.

    I see the nude portrait income is negative. Was that model fees?

  2. DAFT Says:

    No, it has more to do with an ensuing legal battle that we have to settle. Apparently Parliamentary Services frown upon people being nude on Parliament grounds, especially in the debating chamber it self, and call the Police (you could well hear this “work story” from a police officer) to arrest you, no matter how tasteful and artistic the images would have been. Something to do with animal rights too…

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