Building the DAFT Constitution

The event tonight was a great success! We got a pretty comprehensive Constitution hammered out over pizza and beer, after we adjourned to Syn to enjoy the delectable Hells Pizza in combination with some alcoholic beverages. Highlights of the evening:

  • More than two people coming
  • Watching productive silliness in action
  • Meeting new DAFT members
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Displaying the DAFT Party tee-shirt in public
  • Actually making a party rules and a functioning constitution

The first draft of the DAFT constitution will be up on here soon for submissions, spell and grammar checking and general defilement.

Thanks to everyone who came, and a pox on all you people who did not. Everyone who came to the meeting tonight has been accorded the privilege of being a founding member, which entitles them to life membership of DAFT, or at least until they all get sick of it.

I’m off to throw up now.

If you would like to order a t-shirt with this desgin on it please email $39 + postage, all sizes.

Fig. 76.8 ) The design of the offical DAFT T-Shirt. If you would like one please order via email, all sizes, $39.00 + postage, with $2.50 going to Heart Children.

Party Leader Jackson Wood models the DAFT T

Fig. 76.9 ) DAFT Party leader, J. J. Wood, falls over while modelling the DAFT T.


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One Response to “Building the DAFT Constitution”

  1. Jesus H Gray Says:

    I have a demand, any person that runs for a Maori seat must first pass an exam/physical challenge, it would start with a taiaha battle, then add a general knowledge test about which New Zealand ‘celebs’ are Maori and not just Islanders (Oscar Knightly etc), ending with a test on Maori land claims (we do that kind of thing allot).
    Add this to your constitution or lose the Maori vote.

    Sincerely, Haimona Peretini-Gray

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