PEA questions answered

In response to the questions asked on Mr. Farrar’s post about DAFT’s PEA.

It would be nice if you guys commented on here, rather than there!

reid asks:

“What would stop the accumulated quantity of STD interfering with and corrupting the PENIS thus preventing it from a proper performance in accordance with the PEA?”

DAFT replies:

PENIS would be made up of a diverse range of members. Political scientists such as Margaret Clark, states-people like Judy Bailey, comedians like Jerome Chandrahasen, and political commentators like Russell Brown would fill the ranks. Thus making it hard for any two people in PENIS to agree on how to distribute said STD. It is a complete likelihood that people would stop donating to the STD fund after the first election under PEA anyway.

dad4justice asks:

“Can the STD PENIS be cured by PEA?”

DAFT replies:

D4J, me thinks you best consult a doctor.

tuatara comments:

“I would contend that the macroscopic size of the breakfast would collapse this.”

DAFT replies:

Ahhhh sorry your wrong, as is GNZ and Rich Prick. The clarkinchi code has nothing to do with the formula used by penis to distribute STD, neither does Parekura or pi. You’re all working off the assumption (as Mr. Edgeler pointed out before) that this is the whole equation, it is not. It is only the first page. Please send your credit card details to our email and a full copy of the equation will be sent out to you.

Buggerlugs asks:

“What happens when a Variable Algebraic Giant Indicative Normalizable Axis is put into the mix with the PENIS?”

DAFT replies:

We would get all sorts of weird legislation coming out of parliament. Hopefully this will not happen and there is a Criteria ON Differential Ornithoptic Mathematics clause in PEA.


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2 Responses to “PEA questions answered”

  1. Buggerlugs Says:

    Wouldn’t that Criteria ON Differential Ornithoptic Mathmatics prevent the STD distribution, therefore condemning us to another round of Surreptitious Hijacking In The Election?

  2. DAFT Says:

    It depends on who you talk to. People on the religious right believe that no matter what laws are in place the STD will be distributed and the only way to have fair elections is to have no PENIS or PEA or law at all. People on the liberal left, believe the Criteria ON Differential Ornithoptic Mathmatics will work effectively 99.% of the time, without reducing the fun experience of elections.

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