How people are finding DAFT

I’ve been watching the statisitics roll in about how people find this site. Many of them are interesting.

Top 5 referrers of all time                                                  233    71         64
WordPress Dashboard                                      50                                  17

Top 5 Search engine terms used to find this site

new zealand silly party   5
kiwislog                          5
custard party                  3
how to make bombs       3
“charlotte whitelaw”        3

Total Views to date


I am most worried about the fact 64 people have found this site because of the tag giant donkey penis. That is roughly someone every 4 days searching for “giant donkey penis”. I thought it would be interesting to see how many hits that attracted, but assumed it would not be that many. It is also weird that a couple of the other strange tags like “crack pipe” and “how to make bombs” are among the top 10.


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4 Responses to “How people are finding DAFT”

  1. Buggerlugs Says:

    Wait until PENIS sends your hits through the roof!

  2. DAFT Says:

    At least it will be a quality audience.

  3. unaha-closp Says:

    On an unrelated note, I am looking to purchase a waste paper basket. I find the design advertised at the top of this page to have functional elegance and clear purpose of form seldom seen. It practically screams out a need to be filled with redundant files and musty old ‘folios.

    How might I purchase one?

    Preferred colours – red/yellow/black.

    – a waikato fan

  4. DAFT Says:

    DAFT Industries are working on a range of DAFT related products, one of them being a wastepaper bin shaped like the party logo as well as a piggy bank for the STD fund. Our party colour is brown, but I would be happy to spray paint it for you at no added cost.

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