DAFT memorandum

If elected, the DAFT Party will demonstrate its rejection of the baubles of office by only taking the most undesirable office spaces in parliament. These include:
* The basement of Bowen House, adjacent to the building’s primary structural columns;
* Beside the noisy machinery of the parliamentary complex’s main ventilation intake;
* In the back of the main parliament building, off the only fire escapes which will be accessible in the event of a simultaneous incendiary/gas attack on the first and second floor entrances coming from parliament grounds.*

Also we would eschew other baubles by giving all ministerial positions to non DAFT MP’s and lease the beehive out to apiarists. Parliament lawn would be transformed into a vegetable patch with a new standing order that all MP’s must work on the vegetable garden, and Bellamy’s would no longer be able to deliver to MP’s offices, they would have to go out and pick it themselves.

*As suggested by Keith Ng.


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