Kiwi Party enrage DAFT faithful

Late last month the Kiwi Party’s leader, Larry Baldock issued a press release that called ACT’s policies “daft”. Many members and readers have written to the DAFT Party asking us to set this straight. This is the letter that DAFT has sent to Mr. Baldock.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Jackson Wood <>
Date: Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 9:32 PM
Subject: DAFT Party

Dear Mr. Baldock and the Kiwi Party,

The DAFT Party of New Zealand, which is currently unregistered, is highly offended by the the comments of your leader in a press statement dated Saturday, March 22. Mr Baldock referred to the policies of the ACT Party as “daft”. This is a lie.

Quite clearly DAFT policies are DAFT policies, and ACT’s policies are ACT policies.

Although we do wish to re-legalise BZP, and furthermore legalise most other forms of drugs and vice these similarities are coincidental. Similar to the distinct lack Kiwi Party policy, and the lack of National Party policy. New Zealand First and National Front on race issues, Labour and National on most issues, ACT and National on economic issues, and the Greens and the plethora of communist parties on workers’ issues.

The DAFT Party wishes to distance itself from politics in general, and other political parties in particular. We are neither right-wing nor left-wing. We prefer to place ourselves on a non-linear scale, and have self-defined our policies as chicken wing.

I am sure the ACT Party are also not happy with you for saying that their policies are plagiarised.

The DAFT Party would like you retract your statements concerning “daft” policy, and urge you to be careful when choosing adjectives in the future. Please make sure you know what our policies are by visiting our blog site

Yours sincerely,

Jackson Wood

Party Leader
DAFT Party


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3 Responses to “Kiwi Party enrage DAFT faithful”

  1. Andy Moore Says:

    oh, that is beautiful. keep up the work you daft animals.

  2. Chandler Frank Says:

    Please, Larry, please reply…
    I wait in anticipation.

    (you know, the 027 CUSTARD phone no. at the end really does just wrap it all up nicely, so vague but just random enough to be the epitome of silly.)

  3. DAFT Says:

    John Key didn’t reply to the email we sent him about the challenge of a thumb wrestle… I hope Larry replies.

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