John Key, the wimp

Recently the National Party of New Zealand, blatantly stole one of the DAFT Party’s policies. This caused a massive upheaval within the Party. Something had to be done, so we challenged John Key to a thumb wrestle at our party meeting this Sunday. He, sadly, did not come.

This just goes to show the shallow depths of NZ politics. When a politician is challenged on a point, they generally acknoweldge it. In this case the DAFT Party was ignored. The DAFT Party executive will be drafting a letter to send to Mr. Key, to elicit a response, as to why he a) stole our policy, and b) did not show up to the duel.


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2 Responses to “John Key, the wimp”

  1. Rick Wood Says:

    You really should learn to spell – look up the meaning of illicit. Then look up a similar word starting with e and with one l. – Once a teacher always a teacher, Dad

  2. Jackson Wood Says:

    I blame my parents for my bad spelling habits. I also blame bulk funding of schools during the 90’s and Captain Planet.

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