Alternate China policy

Polls have just come in, and China has suffered a major loss in consumer confidence. This spells bad tidings for the next three quarters. The DAFT Party have come up with a solution that will bolster the failing brand image that China has cultivated in the past 60 years, so that consumer confidence will return and China, the brand will once again be a fashionable accessory.

Failing the route one method that DAFT have proposed to solve the China/Tibet issue, we would support and petition the Peoples’ Republic of China to change thier constitution. This constitutional change would involve the rebranding of China to a new name. This new name would be: Tibet.

Polls also show that sales of Tibet, and google hits on Tibet, are at an all time high. This is an opportune moment for the PRC to re-brand itself as the kind, loving place where monks run free. This would solve many of the problems associated with the current branding. China is seen as many as a negative business influence, that is holding back the market that Tibet is trying to corner.

A business merger between the two countries has so far fueled controversy, with all indicators pointing towards negative growth if China pursues it’s agressive market domination policy. If China was to rebrand, it would become hard to disassociate the old Tibet, from the new Tibet (similar to Coke and Classic Coke, hard to tell the difference unless you were born before 1964).

Any future DAFT government would aid the market in recognising the wonders of the new brand. We would provide discounted advertising spots, and with the FTA that is about to be signed, New Zealand could play an important role in facilitiating the re branding. We would help in making new signs for all international airports, police stations and text books.


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