A policy release

The DAFT Party is still alive. Heed this citizens of New Zealand. We will now be releasing policy on a regular basis, or whenever I can afford to get drunk and write policy from the naked comfortableness of my bedroom.If you want to help in this process put through policy suggestions, as comments below, the facebook page, bebo page, or email.

A growing issue of late is the furore over that place called Tibet. The main point of contention for many people is whether or not Tibet is an autonomous state on its lonesome, or whether it is part of red China. The DAFT Party, like most other party’s seriously would like to see an end to conflict in this region. We suggest that the Dalai Lama and PRC President, Hu Jin Tao, indian wrestle, in a kiddy pool full of baby oil, on neutral ground, in front of the the Treaty House in Waitangi.

The terms of this battle should be as follows:

1) It shall be a fair fight, Hanumanti wrestling methodology rules only. Contestants must be naked.

2) Each contestant can have a second fighter, which they can tag in at anytime. The only condition for selection of the second fighter is that it must be no older than six, it may or may not be Homo Sapiens.

3) In the event of a draw, there will be an eating competition between the two contestants. Each contestant will be provided with 100 litres of custard and the person to consume the most in 10 minutes shall be the winner.

4) The prize will be winner takes all: unconditional sovereignty over the Tibetan/China region and peoples.

5) The adjudicators will be a group based primarily on the upper echelons of the DAFT Party, who reserve the right to disqualify both  fighters, and claim sovereignty over Tibet in the name of NZ.


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