We Gotsa Name!

Today we announced the name of Party on the VBC. All the early getter-up-er-ers in Wellington heard the new name… Oh yeah I might have to tell it to you.

The Background
The right to name the party was put up as an auction on Trade Me. It was a close race between two hardy competitors but in the end the one with more money and less sense won. Andrew Falloon paid a cool $100 for the right to name the party. After much deliberation he has decided to call it… wait for it…

The Thorndon Liberation Movement of the Socialist Custard Party.

We had to play around with it so that we could build a decent acronym. When we actually write the party name it will appear like this:

The thornDon liberAtion movement oF the socialisT custard party,

or DAFT for short.

New Student Policies Announced!
On air today J J Wood also launched the new Student policy. As most of our support base currently comes from students we think it is important to nurture this relationship and encourage it to grow.

Students Doing it For Education.
Too long have students been getting a raw deal. The DAFT party wants to help students through their studies. While doing this we also realise that nothing is actually free ever. That’s why we propose that in conjunction with our state owned vice enterprises plan we will offer a tertiary student internship to any and every student in NZ. The student will get to pick exactly which vice industry they will work in, and will only have to work a maximum of 10 hours per week in the job of their choice! In return for this small investment of time we will provide Free Tertiary education, and a living allowance.

Not a student any more, but still have a whopping debt to pay back? Well we got something for you too.

Down With Debt
The DAFT party is the only party that promises total eradication of student debt. Labour and National shiested us students with the student loan scheme, and for the past 20 years student debt has snowballed into the mammoth amount of $10 billion DAFT will found a corporation that with consolidate all this debt. Students will no longer have it on their shoulders, it will be placed in the hands of a private company. Then we will simply dissolve the obviously bankrupt company. This policy is perfect in its simplicity.

A Note to Ashburton
As per the conditions of our Trade Me Auction the party formerly known as the Yet to be Named NZ Silly Party will be pillaging your fair city. Please be advised we shall be doing this on the 20th of May 2008. All residents are welcome to join in.


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15 Responses to “We Gotsa Name!”

  1. George Darroch Says:

    One minor problem. The NZEC will only register parties with names of 52 characters or less – which means we’ll either have to drop the ‘the’, or ‘party’, by my reckoning.

  2. Jules van Cruysen Says:

    When will you be releasing a party list?

  3. nzpolitics Says:

    George: The “The” can go I guess…

    Jules: We will be taking actual membership forms to the party meeting on Sunday. 4:30 at Southern Cross… In the constitutional meeting we decided to list rankings by Google hits. The more hits you have to your name the higher up you are on the list.

    I should really get around to doing that post about the constitution.

  4. nzpolitics Says:

    OR perhaps change Thorndon to NZ

  5. Jenn Says:

    the new name and acronym works really well with our ranDom capItalisAtion policy too. very clever.

  6. Kiwiblog » Blog Archive » The Silly Party has a name Says:

    […] Former blogger Andrew Falloon has won the Trade Me auction to name the Silly Party, and the name is: […]

  7. Graeme Says:

    George beat me to it, here.

    The maximum is 52 characters including spaces. I figure you as around 11 characters over.

  8. nzpolitics Says:

    Kay…. I have asked Andrew to reconsider… sigh… ah well….

  9. Laura Says:

    I can nearly guarantee I have the most Google hits so I think you should just appoint me Minister of Just Desserts here and now

  10. Ray Doyle Says:

    My Partner (Bodie) and I (Doyle) would like to offer our services as security for the new Party.
    We have excellent credentials as can be seen on any re-run of “The Professionals” (CI5).
    45 OUT

  11. nzpolitics Says:

    Holy crap! You’re in fo’ Sheezy!

  12. meandmybum Says:

    do you have a policy on sheep im interested in becoming your spokesman or spokeswoman depending on what im wearing at the time

  13. nzpolitics Says:

    Not as of yet bum. But I am sure you could help us out on that one.

  14. Gem is truly outrageous, truly, truly, truly outrageous Says:

    Does DAFT have a theme song?

  15. DAFT Says:

    Not as of yet. Although we are open to suggestions.

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