The First Wave of Publicity

Today David Farrar posted on his blog about us. This spiked the number of visits to this page by about 1000%. One other thing became apparent is that most people who comment on David’s blog have little to no sense of humour. To those who do thanks for coming on here, and I urge you to join the party.

 Some feedback from your comments:

Chandler Frank: you have the opportunity to name the party by placing a bid on the right to name it. Simply click this link.

 PDM: Outlawing the Duckworth Lewis Scoring sytem will be discussed at the next policy meeting.

 Duckworth and Lewis





Fig. #678: Cricket fans everywhere point their shot guns at the most hated rule makers in International cricket. 


KevOB Says:
“The promotion of homosexuality is not funny. I have never met a gay homosexual yet.
This is a party we can do without.”

 In response to this, I am not sure what you mean by a ‘gay homosexual’, do you mean a homosexual that is happy. Have all the homosexuals you have met been self loathing perverts, or was that just your opinion of them? I’m really not sure.

PhilBest asks:

“Who d’ya reckon they’ll take the most votes off?”

I liked Rex Widerstrom’s thoughts on where our votes will come from. I would like to think that we will have an equal net impact on all parties total votes. I reckons we will also be popular with students, drug addicts, house wives, virgins, ex McGillicuddy members, homosexuals, people who want to smack their kids, pretty much a nice cross section of New Zealand society. I would like to think Copeland’s party is way too silly to vote for us. One thing we are aiming to do is to get more members than The Workers’ Party.

Thanks to all the people who liked our ideas. Please feel free to join our Facebook group, Bebo page, or if it really tickles your fancy subscribe to this blog.


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8 Responses to “The First Wave of Publicity”

  1. David Farrar Says:


  2. nzpolitics Says:

    Sorry Dave! I’ll check my spelling next time!

  3. nzpolitics Says:

    …and fixed!

  4. Jr Jarrell Says:

    Hey you i just saw your picture and i was like wow i realy want to just get down and freaky with this guy. you just make me so horny you dont even know that denim jacket Green Shirt! oh man i’ve got a boner! i can not wait to get a reply from you ya sexy little freak you 1-509-733-2424 call me anytime

  5. nzpolitics Says:

    Hey Jr Jarrell… ummm I’m kinda worried about you. Firstly I would never wear a denim jacket. That’s so disgusting. Secondly I don’t get freaky with no one. Thirdly I don’t live in whatever country that number is from. So unfortunately for you, and fortunely for me I am unable to partake in any activities with you.

  6. chandlerfrank Says:

    Was that no sense of humour jab aimed at me? ouch!
    I forget even what it is I said….
    Ah, I know apathy party is pretty sad. But oh well, my trademe account was suspended for refusal to pay them… plus the auction has ended. But yeh

  7. nzpolitics Says:

    No no no… I think its about the people who take themselves too seriously… I don’t even remember what you said either, and I can’t be bothered looking thru the enormous back catalogue of DPF’s posts to find out.

  8. Gem is truly outrageous, truly, truly, truly outrageous Says:

    I remember what you said.

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