100 members in 7 days. Whooooooo weee. Its been quite a ride watching the number steadily grow day by day. So now its time to sit back and reflect on how easy it will be for us to seize power now.

The plan of action from here:

  1. Get Drunk
  2. Think up some cool shit for us to do
  3. Get more drunk
  4. Do the aforethought of cool shit.
  5. Establish a lasting political legacy.


(Fig. 3: The Yet to be Named Silly Party of New Zealand’s military wing, known only as The Mighty Pink Pantaloon Brigade, take Logan Brown on the corner of Vivian and Cuba.)

Anyways. There is sleep to be had, and stratagems to be dreamt of. Which reminds me of this dream I had the other night where blanket man murdered my family then tried to kill me with a nasty big syringe filled with a noxious looking green fluid…

As always feel free to drop us a line on here or on the Facebook page

Hasta La Vista


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