Inaugural Congress Just a Stone Throw Away

We’re almost at 50 members which means that we have to start thinking about our first party congress. I was thinking at a bar somewhere. I like bars. Maybe we could even con them into giving us cheap booze… write it off as a donation to a political party…. If you know any bars that would give us free booze for some publicity give me a message at

We need somewhere largish so that our droves of hardcore supporters can come and the place also needs to be conducive to having a meeting of sorts.  Or someone’s house, and make it a BYO, hmmmmm the possibilities are endless. Alternatively we could just hold it in Cuba Mall.

An Artists Impression of the Yet to Be Named Silly Party of NZ’s Congress

(Fig. 2: An misogynist artists rendition of the first Yet to be named Silly Party of NZ. Note how even the women are portrayed as butch men in tights.
From left to right standing: Kate Newton, Jeremy Ward, Edmund Barker, Jason Aldous, Michael Devine, Paul Brannigan, Samara King,  Jenn Jones, Red Hendry, Stacey Knott, Nicola Kean, Sean Gillespie, Laura McQuillan, Cat McQuillan, Scott Joblin, Phillip Geenty.
Left to right seated: Steven Rivers,  Matthew Backhouse, Sarah Wilson, Greg Stevens, Teresa Buckthought, Stacey Hutchins, Matt Nippert.
Underneath the table: David Do, Samuel Page, Rowan McCaffery, David Traylor, Michelle Peglar, Rawa Karetai, Bernie Brown, Al Rhodes and Nick Radburn.
Camouflaged to fit in with the wallpaper: Tom Baragwanath, Kahiwa Sebire, Phillip Cornage and Eric Bliss
Out in the Corridor: Matt Scheurich, George Darroch, Kate Jordan,  Douglas Tereu, Renee Appleman, David Read and Jules Van Cruysen  Pretending to be a chair: Kristen Patterson.
Slightly out of shot: Charlotte Whitelaw.
Hiding in the teapot: Jackson Wood.

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I went for a run with some people and it was the first time in like about 6 months that I had attempted running. Needless to say I was a sweaty mess afterwards.

Hokay. Post ideas below or on the face book site.

Also check out some mandatory Silly Party viewing:

Monty Python – Election Night Special
North American Silly Party Homepage
Slightly Silly Party


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