One Day Down.

Wow. What a day.  Membership has jumped almost 500% (from 3 to 13).

Trends in Support for the Founding of a Silly Party in New Zealand

(Fig. 1: Support for the founding of a Silly Party in New Zealand is at an all time high.)

Most important thing for us now is to create an identity. Part of identity is the name we choose. on the Facebook site I have started a discussion thread for people to add in their ideas. I’d be keen to hear yours too if you’re not on Facebook just post it as a comment below.

We will shortly be organising the inaugural congress of the Yet to be named New Zealand Silly Party. This is most likely to take place at a bar, and  or other drinking establishment. Here we will elect the leaders, in a yet to be decided voting system (most likely pillow fighting, although this is open to change), decide on the name, and write up the Party Deconstitution.

Keep up the good work people. Invite all your friends onto the facebook page, or send them the link to kiwislog.

To infinity and beyond


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