The Start

It all started while sitting in Cuba mall, drunk, and raving about how NZ doesn’t have a Silly party.

                                                                   Plato - The Founding Father of Silly Politics

Yum cha was finished and dim sum was sitting nicely in our stomachs. The beer was flowing. Conditions were perfect for the formation of a political party. As the conversation twisted its path around in a circuitous route, the topic which had been on the top of my mind ejaculated from my mouth onto the consciousness of my friends. Amongst the jugs of Mac’s Spring Tide and Sassy Red an idea was born.

This is my little experiment into New Zealand politics and life. As a child I was fascinated by the McGillicuddy Serious Party. Hitting my teen years girls, my groinal region, and computers became way more fascinating and my infatuation with the kilt clad loonies faded. This was until I eventually completed my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Victoria University (a breeding ground for alcoholism). Me and my friends think it would be interesting and entertaining and worthwhile to start a genuine political party and bring back some of the humour into NZ politics. Too often have we been laughing at politicians who are acting seriously, this is cruel. We should be laughing with them, or putting them down, I’m not sure what our policy will be on that yet.

Anyhow that is the beginning. I then went home and made a Facebook page as the main point of contact (search New Zealand Silly Party in the Making). I have also set up an email address: to which you can send any enquires, spam, or rude pictures.

Hope to hear back from ya’ll soon.


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